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Drawing is a fun way to make art. But when you use pens to draw, it’s so two-dimensional. Now, time to take your art to the next level with the 3D Printing Pen. This is one of the coolest inventions to ever be invented. And you’ll think so too, the first time you draw (i.e., print) a line going straight up into the air and watch it not fall back down, you’ll experience a thrill that can only be described as awesome. But how is this magic possible? Read on, and fall in love with your next “favorite new toy.”

Plug in your 3D Printing Pen and give it about a minute to warm up. Then insert a strand of plastic into the back. There are two arrows and thus two speeds. Press the speed of your choice, and watch the plastic flow out of the 3D Printing Pen. And then you just draw and connect and fill in and make magic happen. Wanna switch colors mid build? Just push both buttons and the plastic will eject out of the back. Slip in another color, print out a little bit (as the colors blend from remains of old color into new color, and then get back to drawing. You’re too talented to just draw in two dimensions – kick it to the next level with the 3D Printing Pen.

Product Specification:

  • 3D Printing Pen
  • Draw real objects in 3D. Draw on paper or in the air personalize & decorate plastic items, repair household plastics & 3D prints.
  • For both right and left hand use
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.75mm
  • 3 Color, 9m Filament

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